Notes MEC 332

To all student, attached notes for MEC 332 ..

  1. Project Report Info.
  2. Chapter 1
  3. Chapter 2
  4. Chapter 3
  5. Chapter 4
  6. Chapter 5
  7. Chapter 6

In order to improve this subject outcome, please give comment or any suggestion regarding this subject. Future Improvement.


Sheikh Firdaus
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6 Responses to Notes MEC 332

  1. annoymous says:

    Salam, sir, note untuk chapter 3 x ada.. dia link ke note chapter 4..
    thanks for upload the notes.

  2. arexis says:

    please reupload back chapter chapter 3 and 4 are same..
    nice job & keep good effort šŸ™‚

  3. annoymous says:

    salam sir, nanti tolong update nota-nota untuk chapter 5 until chapter 8.

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